Professional Version:

For Auricular Medicine, Auriculotherapy, and Acupuncture Practitioners. Includes the treatment frequencies discovered by MDs Nogier, Bahr, and Reininger in the fields of Auricular Medicine, Auriculotherapy, and Acupuncture.

FDA registration number 3009684892

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The first FDA registered app that turns your phone into a medical device to help relieve pain and many health problems.

Simple to use. Quick results.  iPhone and Android.


full version:

Headache, sinus pain, TMJ pain, neck pain,shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist and hand pain, finger pain, mid back pain low back pain, buttock/glut pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain , heel pain, toe pain, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, eye disorders, depression, gastric reflux, libido and sexual desire, lung disorder, ovary/uterus/menstrual , nausea, peace and love, revival point, stop smoking, urinary incontinence, weight loss, chakra healing, and post traumatic stress injury.